Copenhagen 2016
5th European Initiative for Exercise in Medicine Congress in Copenhagen
September 5-6


September 5-6, 2016



Copenhagen, Denmark




15 Professional Speakers


The importance of exercise and physical activity for health and in the prevention and treatment of many chronic diseases has been evaluated in many scientific studies and clinical trials in Europe. There is a big tradition in many European countries for promoting sport, exercise and physical activity in the population.
Reports demonstrate that physical activity and health related life style patterns are heavily associated in European countries. The amount of physical activity and the quality of life has decreased significantly in the last few decades. Concomitant the prevalence of obesity, the metabolic syndrome and depression increased. Therefore, more should be done to address physical activity and exercise in health care settings. Multi-organizational efforts to bring a greater focus on physical activity and exercise in health care settings are encouraged.

The European Initiative for Exercise is Medicine is the European part of global Exercise is Medicine

EXERCISE IS MEDICINE®: A Global Health Initiative

Arranged by the University of Ulm, Germany and

Rigshospitalet, University of Copenhagen, Denmark


Exercise and Aging – From hospital care to secondary prevention and aging athletes

Patron: HRH Princess Benedikte


Dates: September 5th-6th, 2016

Place: Charlottehaven, Copenhagen, Denmark

10.00-10.05  Welcome: Per Christiansen, CEO, Rigshospitalet

10.05-10.30  The moving and resting human being: a philosophical approach to exercise                            

Prof Peter Schantz, Sweden

10.30-10.50  Exercise is Medicine: Concept and idea

     Prof Jürgen Steinacker, Germany

10.50-11.15  Coffee

11.15-11.35  Exercise as Medicine – or – the exercise pill

     Prof Bente Klarlund Pedersen, DK

11.35-11.55  The hospital bed as a risk factor?

Prof Henrik Kehlet, DK

11.55-12.15  Exercise and diabetes

Prof Flemming Dela, DK

12.15-12.35  Exercise and COPD        

                   MD Ulrik Winning Iepsen, DK

12.35-12.45  General Discussion

12.45-13.30 Lunch

13.30-13.50  Exercise and osteoporosis         

                   Prof Niklas Rye Jørgensen, DK

13.50-14.10 Exercise and cancer

                   Group leader, PhD Pernille Højman, DK

14.10-14.30  The resistance and endurance exercise after ChemoTherapy (REACT) study: Training at high or low-to-moderate intensity?

                   MSc., PhD-student Caroline Kampshoff, Netherlands

14.30-14.40  General Discussion

14.40-15.10  Coffee

15.10-15.30  Exercise and Alzheimer’s disease

                   Prof Steen Hasselbalch, DK

15.30-15.50  Importance of peripheral and central adaptations to exercise training for health benefits

Prof Carsten Lundby, Switzerland

15.50-16.10  Training the heart patient

Prof Martin Halle, Germany

16.10-16.20  General Discussion

16.20-16.30  Closing day 1

16.30-17.30 National Founding Assembly: “Exercise is Medicine Denmark”

07.30-08.30  EIEIM Board Meeting

08.50           Everyone should be seated

09.00           Arrival of HRH Princess Benedikte

09.00-09.10  Introduction

                   Assoc. Prof Henning Bay-Nielsen, DK

09.10-09.35  Growing older without feeling old

                   Prof Rudi JG Westendorp, DK

09.35-09.55  Whole body exercise in one stroke: the ultimate physiological challenge

                   Prof Niels Secher, DK

09.55-10.15  Performance genes – can we predict the born winner?

                   Prof Niels Vidiendal Olsen, DK

 10.15-10.35  Working with motivation and willpower

       Rower, MSc Eskild Ebbesen, DK

10.35-10.45  General Discussion

10.45-11.15  Coffee

11.15-11.35  Ageing brain at work

     Prof James Fisher, UK

11.35-11.50  Boost brain function with physical exercise     

                   Prof Gitte Moos Knudsen, DK

 11.50-12.10  Balance brain temperature and maintain motor function

Prof Lars Nybo, DK

12.10-12.20  General Discussion

12.20-13.15 Lunch

                   Key note lecture

13.15-14.00 Exercise: the elixir of life

                   Prof Michael Joyner, USA

14.00-14.20  Ageing heart and brain

Prof Johannes von Lieshout, Netherlands

14.20-14.30  General Discussion

14.30-15.00  Coffee

15.00-15.20  How to prevent atrophy in ageing muscles

                   Prof Michael Kjær, DK

15.20-15.40  Ladies and Gentlemen playing football

                   Prof Peter Krustrup, DK

15.40-15.50  General Discussion

15.50-16.00  Closing day 2

Bente Klarlund Pedersen
Eskild Ebbesen
Jürgen Steinacker
Henrik Kehlet
Johannes van Lieshout
Martin Halle
Niklas Rye Jørgensen
Pernille Hojman
Peter Schantz
Rudi Westendorp
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