Pernille HojmanPernille Hojman received her Master degree in Human Biology from the University of Copenhagen in 2003. After this, she did her PhD at the Department of Oncology at Copenhagen University Hospital Herlev, focusing on understanding electroporation-mediated transfer of genes to muscles, aiming to utilized patients’ muscles as protein factories. Her interest in the cross-talk between muscles and other organs, including tumors continued after moving to the Centre of Inflammation and Metabolism in 2008. Over the last years, Pernille Hojman has built a research group, aiming to understand the mechanistic role of exercise on cancer. With a background as molecular biologist, her focus has initially been on pre-clinical studies. In 2014, she received the Danish Cancer Society’s ‘Talented Young Cancer Researcher’ fellowship, allowing her to establish a strong preclinical research platform, especially with animal models of cancer and voluntary wheel running.