Johannes van LieshoutJohannes van Lieshout received his medical degree from the University of Amsterdam (UoA), and was trained in internal medicine at the Military Hospital in Utrecht and at UoA (Binnen Gasthuis and Academic Medical Centre, AMC), and in human integrative physiology (Dpt Physiology UoA) and Rigshospitalet, University of Copenhagen (Department of Anesthesiology & Copenhagen Muscle Research Center), and biomedical signal analysis (TNO Netherlands, TPD BioMedical Instrumentation). He received board certifications for Internal Medicine, Intensive Care Medicine, and Acute Medicine, received his PhD degree in 1989 (thesis ‘Cardiovascular reflexes in orthostatic disorders”). Principal Investigator of the Clinical Cardiovascular Physiology Group, founder and head of the Acute Admissions Unit, Dept. of Internal Medicine AMC, faculty member and visiting Professor of the Danish Cardiovascular Research Academy (DaCRA), and appointed Professor in the School of Life Sciences, University of Nottingham Medical School, Queen’s Medical Centre, United Kingdom, associated with the Medical Research Council/Arthritis Research UK Centre for Musculoskeletal Ageing Research. His research is centered on the effects of environmental stress on neurovascular control in cardiovascular disease, with a focus on cardio- and cerebrovascular interaction and biophysical markers of central hypovolemia in humans. He has served on the advisory board for a number of scientific committees, as reviewer for (inter-) national granting agencies, and medical/physiological journals, and is Specialty Chief Editor of Frontiers in Physiology, Clinical and Translational Physiology section.